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In the early stages of mobile device applications, the marketplace was slowly populating with newly created apps which users experienced for the first time. Those early apps were simple in feature and design due to the newly created space they had entered into. Fast-forwarding to today, the market is beyond saturated with thousands of applications developed every week. As a result, several factors have arisen that give precedence to how an app is rated and found in their respective Apple and Android marketplaces.

Similar to Web Development, the manor in which the coding for the application is created effects how it ranks for certain keyword searches in the marketplace. Furthermore, the level of efficiency the application utilizes (via its foundation and structure) also contribute to its ranking capabilities in search results.

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Here at Banti Media, we have over 15 years combined knowledge in the field of Application Development and Design. We have made an array of applications for our clients ranging from games to utilities. Whatever idea you may have, however fantastical or extreme, we are more than happy to hear your ideas and come up with a design and user capability that you will be absolutely satisfied with.

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