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Banti Media is a full-service digital agency that is created with the future in mind. We partner with clients to fulfill business outcomes through five-star SEO, Web Development, App Development, Branding, Marketing, Consulting, Media Outreach and E-Commerce Management. We strive to make each of our clients experiences a pleasant, fun and memorable one by achieving goals set forth by both parties.


Utilizing the latest in Search Engine Optimization to rank and bring in traffic.

Web Development/Design

Employing efficient web development techniques along with a keen eye for design and functionality.

App Development/Design

Creating unique Android and IOS applications that range from games to services.


Implementing the latest in marketing techniques to drive unique visitors to a website, business or application.

Media Outreach

Managing your social media pages and creating content campaigns along with other outreach programs.


Conducting a thorough study of the market and creating/situating your brand where it will be most effective.

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At Banti Media, we believe in creating an environment that is both welcoming and open. Our relationship with our clients is not only built upon the completion of the services that are rendered, but also on the dedication that exists to make our clients successful in whichever endeavor they choose to embark on.


E-Waste Recycling Center

"Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100 percent. Banti Media's Web Development service is worth much more than what I paid. I am very happy I went with Banti Media because they gave me one less thing to worry about!"



Electronic Buyback & Recycling

"At first, I was a bit skeptical trusting an outside company to do my SEO work considering it was done in-house this entire time. But, trust me when I say, Banti Media will answer any question and be there throughout the entire process!"


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